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Get to know Kristin

I am currently in the MA/PhD program in Family Social Science at the University of Minnesota. I just received my Masters last summer and I am working towards my doctorate right now. I am involved in a couple of different research projects including the Minnesota Texas Adoption Research Project, a longitudinal study of adopted people who are now in their 20's. I also work on an intervention project in supportive housing sites called Early Risers: Healthy Families. These projects have very different focuses, but I continue to learn so much from both and I believe they really complement each other well. I have broad interests, which can be good or bad. I am particularly interested in: family policy, homelessness, low-income housing, domestic violence, sexual assault, substance abuse and non-traditional families.

I am very excited about the student section! I have been a part of MCFR for a couple of years now and I love it. It is the most supportive, caring, inspiring professional organization I can imagine. There are endless tools for leadership and growth. I felt like it was a little hidden secret that could really benefit students and I wanted to create a comfortable conduit for students to get involved and get to know each other. Because I feel that students throughout Minnesota could benefit from this organization, creating a section of the existing state-wide organization seemed to be a perfect fit. I look forward to meeting new students and student supporters and listening to suggestions to make this organization fit the needs of those interested.