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Student Poster Session

At the December MCFR conference, we started a new student opportunity. We will now be holding a student/new professional poster session at all of our conferences in the foreseeable future. We developed this opportunity as a way for students to gain experience presenting their work locally in a forum with minimal pressure. The MCFR members are a warm and welcoming group and their interest in students is genuine. They are the perfect group to engage in conversations that provide valuable feedback in a supportive way.

We had a wide variety of topics presented including: implications of race related socialization for Black youth, creating a solution map, youth-adult relationships in community-based programs, language choice of bilingual mothers, the psychology of adoption, communicative and structural openness in adoptive kinship networks, and sexual attitudes and behaviors. Each of these topics provided a unique perspective on working with families.

Please click to read more and find out how you can participate at the next conference.

The students who presented posters reported that this was a convenient, low-pressure way to engage with family professionals and build their CVs. The students felt that they received great feedback on their work and this experience helped them find new approaches to the topic they presented. Although there was high traffic around the posters, many professionals reported that they did not get the opportunity to engage with the students as much as they would have liked given the time constraints. We listened to this feedback and we are partnering with the students who presented to offer the content of their posters on our website. I would love to hear what you think about this. What kinds of information would you like to see around student work on the website? What limitations do you see to us putting work on the website?

If you are interested in presenting your work at the next conference, on April 3, it is very easy to apply. Simply send an the following information: name, e-mail, school, year in school, degree sought, title of poster presentation, and a presentation abstract (500 words or less) to Heather Cline at cline048@umn.edu. What kinds of work do you think you would like to present? Feel free to post your thoughts here on the blog and let others weigh in. If you have had experiences presenting at poster sessions in the past that you would like to share with others, we would love to hear about them. What did you like? What didn’t you like? Do you have any tips for successful posters or presentations?

Also, if you have any other ideas for professional development opportunities you think students would benefit from, please let us know. We want to be a resource for you to help you navigate your work in the family field. Your thoughts are always welcome.