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October 8, 2008

Jack Johnson Videos

I figured that some videos and links to reviews might help show the points that I've laid out in my (rather wordy) analyses, so, courtesy of YouTube and Google, here are a few.

"Better Together (live)" - Jack Johnson
Here's a great acoustic version of Jack performing "Better Together" for the 2006 BRIT Awards, where he won Best International Breakthrough Act.

"Flake (live)" - Jack Johnson & Ben Harper
This live version of Jack's song "Flake," featuring Ben Harper's signature slide guitar, is a great example both of Jack's flawless live shows and his charisma onstage, along with how he augments some of his songs live to get an audience reaction. For this, see about 2:50 in.

"Bubble Toes (live)" - Jack Johnson
This shows Jack's sense of humor, and how effortlessly he can play his songs.

Jack Johnson in Somerset Wisconsin
I managed to find some footage from the concert that I attended; here are two videos of him playing "Flake." The audio is a bit choppy, but it should give you an idea of the crowd's reactions and the atmosphere at the concert.

Poor audio on this one, but here's most of his amazing encore of "Angel" and "Better Together." This really shows how well his voice held up after two hours of show, and how smoothly the transition was from one song to the next, which is at about 1:38 in.

"Please Me Like You Want To (live)" - Ben Harper & Jack Johnson
Another of Jack's peers and influences teaming up with him for this duet.


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