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January 9, 2008

Dawei Xu Response

When I watched this video for the first time I kept thinking of the phrase "The grass is always greener..." and how this work seems to negate that thought. The feelings and emotions i got out of it were lonely, empty, cold, and defeated. I got the impression no matter where these two birds (crow chicken or whatever) were they wouldn't be happy or joyful alone. The eerie music with the crows squawking had an off putting quality to it. The clips of clear blue sky and beautiful city buildings were short and small, indicating that while these things would seemingly bring happiness they are short lived in this case and/or overpowered by the negative attributes, such as the pollution the "free" bird is exposed to at the end.
All in all I loved this video.

Who or What Inspires Me?

Many things inspire me. Unlike many others these things are rarely other people, or artists. The one person that does inspire and inspires me more than anything else in the world is my older sister Betsy. Because of the person she is now, how she has become that person, the obstacles she has overcome and the way she continues to tackle life. Another thing that inspires me in the beauty of nature, real honest to goodness untouched nature. Especially in the north woods, the boundary waters. Also seeing other people succeed or accomplish tasks that I myself would like to do! Art inspires me, movies, the past, knowing that people are watching me and looking for me to do something great. And more than anything...the word potential, because potential means that you have it in you, you can do it, you are just not giving it your all and doing it!