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100+ Response for the Movies

Among the movies, which were shown, I did not really understand the purpose or the point at which the first three movies were trying to arrive at. There were images, which were being thrown at the viewer in very abstract and incoherent ways. They were all very artistic but I could not draw any conclusion from any of them, as I tend to do when I watch movies. However, when John Forbes Nash’s story was included, I felt a bit relieved as, for once, I could relate to the subject matter at hand, analyze what is being discussed or talked about in the movie and also enjoy the content of the movie. As I am already familiar with his work and also already watched a movie about his life, watching this particular movie brought a breadth of fresh air into the story of his life as the movie was made in such an artistic way that the viewer could barely predict the direction of the movie. In any case I thought it was better produced artistically than any movie I have seen of the life of the central character(John Forbes Nash).