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3 minute eggs

Three Minute Egg (3)

Bedford Poets at Magers and Quinn Bookstore (3 December 2008)

This video documents the release and reading of an anthology of a group of poets that has met once a month over a twenty-year period. [Just as an aside: One thing that is remarkable is the access to community events that Three-Minute Egg provides. The posting of the videos allows one access to attend the event virtually when other scheduling conflicts bar the way.] I often feel a strong bond with my classmates from a powerfully structured and well-taught course. This semester, for example, I have come to feel close to my classmates in T&I and in my painting class. It is an intimacy of shared experience. We learn from one another and see things through each other’s eyes, we see the individual’s vision as it emerges and changes over time. The experience one goes through in one term or semester is at times equivalent to a “lifetime? of memories, knowledge acquisition, and experience. Over the short period one becomes close to, at times even intimate (not romantically, although I know it happens) with the bond of experiences with others. So, it comes as no surprise, that these students who shared a poetry class at the Loft became so bonded and developed such a rapport with one another that they continued to work and learn with each other over such an extended period of time. However, given the tangible nature and the quick pace of time, it is extraordinary that such a group can endure. The success is possibly because of the group’s small size. Initially it was five men. Four of the original remain in the group. Initially they say it was “testosterone driven? e.g. it was a men’s group founded on a connection to the philosophical musings of Robert Bly. Now, however, there are several women in the group. This has changed the dynamics and substantial experience of the group. The video posted on 3-minute egg is more a document about the group than a substantial meaningful sharing and rendering of poems and their analysis. Even so, I find the content and presented format really interesting.

Minneapolis College of Art and Design Annual Student Art Sale (Friday before Thanksgiving)

I learned through 3-minute egg that each year MCAD has a huge sale of student art—all for under $1,000. The quantity and quality visible on the video of the event have me already committed to attending this event next year. Apparently it is heavily attended and there are all sorts of media including hand-crafted furniture, crafts, paintings, film, photography, and drawings. When I learned about the show I was disappointed to have missed it, and imagine my surprise when I was able to see what I missed on 3-minute egg. I hope that people realize what a valuable resource 3-minute egg is. I would have liked to attend the sale just to get a sense of what other students are producing. I was impressed with the quality and volume of the works. I have been meaning to get over to the U of M annual art sale. Yesterday I got paid, but today I forgot my wallet. Hopefully there will be good stuff left tomorrow.

dear senator mccain (November 10, 2008)