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Air Sweet Air Response

I believe the title of the exhibit "Air Sweet Air" gives meaning to the exhibit itself. By just reading the title, one walks in to the exhibit with the expectations of seeing beatiful images of the clear cold mountains, or the wind swept plains of the midwest. Instead one walks in on images of children playing in a foreign, polluted almost mars-like landscape.

This sharp contrast in the expectation and reality forces one to think about the future and the world that we may live in if we continue to neglect the environment. In the photos, the children are at play, but one cannot see the happiness because of the bear masks hiding their faces.

I can only venture to guess the choice of a bear for a mask. Perhaps reference to smoky the bear who represents safety, health and prevention of fires (which pollute the air)?

My favorite piece, was the one with the enlargement mask alone in the corner. As far as I could tell, it was the only mask that wasn't a duplicate, but instead hand drawn. I think the deviance from the other pieces is what intrigued me and why I enjoyed it the most.