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David Feinberg Project

This exhibition was a bit unexpected and even overwhelming. The content so rich in individual experience of some of the most horrible events in recent history. The stories grew thicker as I went further into the gallery and it was really hard to comprehend it individually as well as a whole. I thought that the concept by which the works have been created was excellent due to the connection established between the event, the person, and the artist. I can't say that I like seeing this showcase of lives damaged by the unfolding of history but I am glad to see that such projects are carried on to this day to establish and re-establish the actuality of what took place in order to remember our potential to do terrible harm so that we, as a species, do not get sidetracked in our morals to the extent that we have experienced in these events. The stories I was impressed by most were perhaps that of the Rwanda events since I am aware of what happened on a very general and broad basis. This was a good gallery to attend and think about.