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Dawei Xu: The Balance #1

Today I went to the art center and watched the film titled The Balance #1 by Dawei Xu. In the beginning it seemed like just a film about documenting a birds flight and highlighting the sights it sees along the way. I loved how the movie was showcased in two different frames each representing the first person view and the third person view of the flight. But then it soon shifts to the image of a sad bird in a cage and we see the bird from the outside and also see what the bird sees from inside its lonely cage. This bird cannot see the sky without its sight being tainted with the wires of the cage. The two contrasts become more evident when we see the image of the free bird again. Then we see the image of a barb wired fence. It ends with a bird in its natural habitat and we also see an image of a factory plant that continues to burn and destroy the environment of various species.
Overall, I think this documentary highlighted the importance of making sure that we are taking care of our planet and also of the other species that also call it home.