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Katherine Nash Gallery Print Biennial response

Gulliver’s Lincoln
By Bruce McComb
on Intalgio

One of the art pieces that I found interesting was Gulliver’s Lincoln. I believe it was meant to capture the imagination of Gulliver’s travels as it had several humans who were 1/12th the size of normal humans working on it. In observing this piece, I realized how it captured a modern idea about Gulliver’s travels where the Lincoln stood for his wrecked ship and the blesfucudians helping him to fix it before he escapes from the Lilipudians. Bruce McComb’s portrayal of this 18th century story in a more modern light certainly captures the imagination of many observers as the story of the remodeling of the Lincoln brings back memories of actually reading the book.

This piece of art impressed me more that any other piece in this series because of the intricacies that I think Bruce went through in creating it, yet also modernizing an old influential story into a modern one and being able to connect it with his viewers.