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"Metal F**king Rats with Heart Shaped Tail" by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

I have to say that every piece that I laid my eyes upon was amazing! To choose just one to write about is quite a predicament. If I had to choose, it would be Tim Noble and Sue Webster’s piece “Metal F**king Rats with Heart Shaped Tail.? At first glance their piece looks like a hunk of metal taken from a junkyard. In plain light it is a hunk of metal but if you shine a light on it when the room is dark it’s actually a sculpture of two rats fornicating and forming a heart through their tails.

I always thought that sculptures came in the form statues but I was proven wrong. This sculpture was actually a shadow sculpture and it absolutely blew my mind away. To create a piece that requires so much thinking and placement of the metal such as this is outstanding. Creating shadow puppets is one thing but creating shadow sculptures takes “shadow-making? to another level.