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MFA Fresh Works Exhibition: Stacey Halloway

While I was browsing the art works in the Quarter Gallery, I had to stop at my tracks to marvel at Stacey Halloway's creation "Sustaining Sympathy." I was really sad because it looked like it was a mechanized art work but it was "out of order." The doll placed in the middle was really old and ancient looking and with the baby clothes and accessories it was actually a pretty sickening sight. The apparatus on which the doll was perched upon seemed like something out of a science fiction novel... almost Frankenstein-esque.
There was one other thing that I thought about while I looked at the name of the piece, I thought of how sometimes people like to feign illnesses in order to gain sympathy from people around them. And in their quest to attain validation and public sympathy they share pitiful stories in order to feel good about themselves. I think it is sort of in human nature to feel good and have people agree with you at times because I think it helps bolster their views and existence. Overall the piece was really bizarre and in the beginning I was almost at the loss of words, but at the same time it was one of the most intriguing pieces of art in the gallery.