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Noble and Webster

Although this piece seemed like a regular hunk of metal taken from a junkyard it, in fact, was actually a sculpture. What it was were two rats copulating and making the shape of a heart through their tails. You can't see the rats just by looking at it. To do this you have to shine a light at the sculpture at the right angle so you can see the image of the rats on the wall.

I've always thought that sculpture was remarkable and all but seeing shadow sculptures for the first time takes sculpture to a higher level for me. To be able to create a piece of metal and place it in the right place so as to make a shadow image of that quality is simply amazing. I can't imagine how long that sculpture would have taken for Noble and Webster to make. If I tried to recreate their piece it would take me months or even years to make.

For more pictures of Tim Noble and Sue Webster's Works: