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Contemporary Influence


Influential Contemporary artists
Have you seen Paris, je t'aime (2006) directed by:
Olivier Assayas (segment "Quartier des Enfants Rouges")
Frédéric Auburtin (segment "Quartier Latin") (transitions)
Emmanuel Benbihy (transitions)
Gurinder Chadha (segment "Quais de Seine")
Sylvain Chomet (segment "Tour Eiffel")
Ethan Coen (segment "Tuileries")
Joel Coen (segment "Tuileries")
Isabel Coixet (segment "Bastille")
Wes Craven (segment "Père-Lachaise")
Alfonso Cuarón (segment "Parc Monceau")
Gérard Depardieu (segment "Quartier Latin")
Christopher Doyle (segment "Porte de Choisy")
Richard LaGravenese (segment "Pigalle")
Vincenzo Natali (segment "Quartier de la Madeleine")
Alexander Payne (segment "14th arrondissement")
Bruno Podalydès (segment "Montmartre")
Walter Salles (segment "Loin du 16ème")
Oliver Schmitz (segment "Place des Fêtes")
Nobuhiro Suwa (segment "Place des Victoires")
Daniela Thomas (segment "Loin du 16ème")
Tom Tykwer (segment "Faubourg Saint-Denis")
Gus Van Sant (segment "Le Marais")

This is a movie declaring love for a city through the skill of 21 film makers and dozens of actors, and multiple plotlines. What I find inspiring about this is each director was given the same requirements: 5 minutes of final film to tell a story with Paris, the city of love, as one of the characters.

Within these five minutes, these amazing directors create a full world where love is confounded, vampires thrive, and a very kind man is left to die. If I were to ask for one gift, I would ask for a copy of this movie. I would study their adroit ability to tell a story in brevity.