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Sohrab and Rustum

The episode "Sohrab And Rustum," on 3minuteegg.org highlights the theater of Dreamland Arts. The play that is reviewed is titled "Sohrab And Rustum,? and it is a one-person show staring Zaraawar Mistry. The theater is owned and run by Zaraawar Mistry and his wife Leslye. They both are also performers and have an interesting story about how they developed their theater Dreamland Arts. They both bought a building and renovated it to an intimate theater of 40 seats. They had the dream to live where they work. So they live in a house right next to their theater and have an underground passage from their house to the theater. In the play Sohrab And Rustum" Zaraawar takes an 11th century poem of conflict and brings it into a contemporary perspective.

Watching this episode highlighting Dreamland Arts really inspired me to live your dreams. It’s amazing to see a couple with so many talents including, acting, business, play writing, building development, and communication skills. It’s very satisfying to see a couple create, build and manage their own production together.