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November 24, 2008


Media Mill Video

To be honest I can't say that I was directly influenced by a particular artist in creating this movie. I do know that I really enjoy watching things that are often taken for granted, but are just simply amazing. Examples of this are ultra-slow motion films on youtube where you can see a balloon being popped, the spray of water droplets or watching the percussion travel through the body of someone being punched.

Growing up I always enjoyed watching popcorn being made in the popcorn maker, I would just sit and watch for the whole 5 minutes that it took to pop, watching in slowing escalate in to just chaos. This is what I attempted to recreate.

Watching stop motion films online, one thing that was always shared in common was some sort of a plot or storyline, and this I added at the end of the film.

The Long Climb - Stop Motion Animation

There are really two main influences that came into play while I created the set and animation. The first is a contemporary Japanese artist named Takashi Murakami. I really enjoy his odd, over the top, cute but still unnerving style, specifically his TanTanBo character and his jellyfish eye patterns. The jellyfish eyes I feel are my biggest homage to Takashi-sensei in this animation, as I use some version of them for both characters and the beanstalk-tree hybrid within the bottle.
While the first influence was planned, my second influence was not. While I sculpted the characters and set, I also watched dangerously large amounts of Invader Zim. That more than likely had some effect on what sorts of odd things were added to the beanstalk, and subsequently how they interacted with the male character both movement and sound.
I suppose I should also mention an aspect of the animation that has no root influence, but is a technique that I greatly admire when it's done right. That is, the use of voice-acting but exclusion of any language, so that you know the general mood of characters without the added weight of recognizable phrases that might require interpretation. I've seen this done successfully many times, the most recent being in the movie Wall-E, and the general exclusion of language is something I tend to lean toward in all of my artistic projects.

Matt and Jeff: Journey of the Gourds

Media Mill Video

Today, on this dreary November morning the following rise to the top as influences:
Alexandre Dumas, the French writer of the Count of Monte Cristo. Dumas has the ability to write a 1500 page book that is a page turner all the way through. He is able to create characters and events with a few words that draw you into another world.
Paulo Coehlo, Brazilian writer. This guy is freaky. His stories cause me to experience existential earthquakes.
Pablo Neruda, Chilean poet. Neruda wrote a poem about a map that eventually replaced reality (very postmodern before postmodernism)
Abstract expression movement, specifically:
Ad Reinhardt,

Agnes Martin,

Franz Klein.

When looking at paintings by these three people I have an authentic experience of nature and life.
Akira Kurosawa, film maker, High and Low.
The moral dilemma of this movie is profound and relevant. This story had to be told to the human race.
Jim Jarmusch, film maker,
Stranger than Paradise,

Down by Law.

These movies remind me of my life, the moments when my nails are filthy, jagged, and broken.
Henri-Georges Clouzot, film maker, Les Diaboliques.
This movie scared me and creeps me out with only a few highly crafted camera angles and facial expressions.

Cats Cradle

Media Mill Video

November 23, 2008

Stop Motion - An experimentation with ROBOTS

Media Mill Video

Flipbook Animation

November 20, 2008

Stop motion Who Knew?

Media Mill Video

November 19, 2008

Stop Motion Assignment

Media Mill Video

My inspiration for doing this movie: Post-Its and Barack Obama. I saw a poster in the ee/csci building and decided to recreate it. I have been really inspired by our new president-elect and playing with colored post-its was a lot of fun. I knew I wanted to keep a constant set and in my constant set, I wanted to move the post its around so create an image of Barack Obama. It was a painstaking process of moving the post its and taking a picture, but I think it was worth every second and I had a lot of fun while doing it. I am sorry but I did not use media mill to do this movie and instead used Windows Movie Maker. This was a good learning experience and I hope to take this further in the final project for this class

Open and Closed

Media Mill Video

November 18, 2008

Animation...The Flying Plane

November 15, 2008

What is Time and Interactivity?

Time and interactivity can be many things and can be defined in many ways through the use of metaphors, situations, or facts to make it something we can understand or appreciate. Truly time and interactivity is defined by the individual who is questioning it. There is no right or wrong answer. I answered this question in a blunt, crude metaphorical way with a hint of humor in my video for fun. But what is time? Is it past, present and the future? If so, what measures it? Is this interactivity? I think the only true interaction with time is the constant realization of our living life. Past is forgotten and is remembered with memories. Our future is planned for the desire of our being. But the only term that interacts with time is our constant life force, which is considered the present.

MCAD Art Sale

Every year the Minneapolis College of Art and Design have an art sale the Friday before Thanksgiving Break and this year 3-minute Egg was there to cover the event. It was interesting to see how much art there was actually for sale and how interesting each piece was. This could be a great way to get your self-known as an inspiring artist and a great way to network with others. It would also be a great place for inspiration and to build new ideas. I wish I could have made it to this event, but hopefully next year.

koo koo kanga roo

Koo Koo Kanga Roo is a band made by Bryan Atchison and Neil Olstad. Their music is composed of topics that are related to school, education, randomness and much more. It’s hard to even put them in any category at all because their type of entertainment is quite different. They play a variety of themed shows and try to interact with the crowd as much as they can. I watched their music video for their song titled “Rollin' In The Minivan,? and I thought it was quite dorky, but very entertaining. I think its great how they involve all ages in their shows and keep a positive vibe.

Stop Motion

Media Mill Video

Thanks to the time-lapse archive for the night footage. I would have loved to drop the link, but I didn't add it to favorites and could not find it via search engine. (CC)

November 11, 2008


Media Mill Video

I did not finish the project but this is what I do have.

November 6, 2008

What Really Matters?

Media Mill Video

November 3, 2008

MAEP Gallery Response

Though the MAEP Gallery was rather small, I really loved some of the pieces in there. The first room, titled "Journey to the Center of the Earth" contained some sculptures created using ordinary materials in an artistic and extraordinary way: there was a piece of paper that had had one long strip cut out of it which stretched all the way up to the ceiling, plastic bags on the floor with their text arranged in a way to form rows, and magazines splayed out into flower-like cylinders. My favorite piece, however, was the ladder which had been shaved down to a mere skeleton. This piece immediately popped out to me because I recognized it; Mayumi Amada had shown us (the Fall 2008 Sculpture 1301 class) a picture of it when doing a presentation of previous' students' work in the class. The brief for the sculpture project that the ladder had been created for was to change the identity of a wooden object. The ladder's identity was changed from being useful to being useless, at least in terms of reaching that burned-out lightbulb in the ceiling light. I really like the way the ladder really looks a bit like a skeleton, since it's thin in places and knobby in others. Otherwise, it really tickled me to find a connection between my two classes. it sure is a small world!
And holy mackerel was the paper-strip-to-the-ceiling piece amazing. Who knew that paper could go so far?

November 2, 2008

Air Sweet Air

Air Sweet Air is an exhibition about the investigation of the artiste's childhood. The idea of investigating one's childhood is very interesting. I can relate to the fact that you might want to investigate your childhood as sometimes what we really become in life depends on the experiences that we have had in the past. Its also interesting to learn from the introduction that the Cheryl has moved 39 times and this can be seen in the diversity of the artwork. They also deal with both the real and the abstract nature of the artwork.
Even though, I was not at the exhibition, the images I looked at provides vivid illustrations of this investigation. One thing I failed to understand is how each work related to a particular experience or time in the artiste's childhood. It would have helped to explain many things as the works are very abstract for an up and coming artiste like me but definitely can relate to some of the images.

MAEP Room at MIA

The Minnesota Artict Exhibition Program at the Minneapolis Institute of Art is a great venue to see work from local artists showcased right next to timeless masterpieces from all over the world. Having your work shown here would be a great honor.

Max schollett's Carved Wooden Ladder was kind of offensive to me. The piece took a wooden ladder and carved alway all the structural timber accept the bare minimum structure. I have a construction safety background and I know the statistics about work related accidents involving ladders. Someone could mistake that piece of art for a functional ladder which could result in a catastrophic structural failure of the ladder resulting in a n injury.

Flipbook Awesomeness

Totally awesome.


Time and Interactivity Response

Time and Interactivity deals with digital media - whether it be photoshopped images, animated gifs, flash movies, digital film, or stop motion animation - as well as traditional animations, such as flip books, and combines any combination of these. Time and interactivity is a broad and expansive classification, and is very much an umbrella term for all of these things. Time and interactivity takes art, video and image making and steps it up, opens the door to the use of modern technology, and adapts it for the modern person, and the modern brain.

November 1, 2008

exercise in abstraction

Media Mill Video