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MAEP Gallery Response

Though the MAEP Gallery was rather small, I really loved some of the pieces in there. The first room, titled "Journey to the Center of the Earth" contained some sculptures created using ordinary materials in an artistic and extraordinary way: there was a piece of paper that had had one long strip cut out of it which stretched all the way up to the ceiling, plastic bags on the floor with their text arranged in a way to form rows, and magazines splayed out into flower-like cylinders. My favorite piece, however, was the ladder which had been shaved down to a mere skeleton. This piece immediately popped out to me because I recognized it; Mayumi Amada had shown us (the Fall 2008 Sculpture 1301 class) a picture of it when doing a presentation of previous' students' work in the class. The brief for the sculpture project that the ladder had been created for was to change the identity of a wooden object. The ladder's identity was changed from being useful to being useless, at least in terms of reaching that burned-out lightbulb in the ceiling light. I really like the way the ladder really looks a bit like a skeleton, since it's thin in places and knobby in others. Otherwise, it really tickled me to find a connection between my two classes. it sure is a small world!
And holy mackerel was the paper-strip-to-the-ceiling piece amazing. Who knew that paper could go so far?