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The Long Climb - Stop Motion Animation

There are really two main influences that came into play while I created the set and animation. The first is a contemporary Japanese artist named Takashi Murakami. I really enjoy his odd, over the top, cute but still unnerving style, specifically his TanTanBo character and his jellyfish eye patterns. The jellyfish eyes I feel are my biggest homage to Takashi-sensei in this animation, as I use some version of them for both characters and the beanstalk-tree hybrid within the bottle.
While the first influence was planned, my second influence was not. While I sculpted the characters and set, I also watched dangerously large amounts of Invader Zim. That more than likely had some effect on what sorts of odd things were added to the beanstalk, and subsequently how they interacted with the male character both movement and sound.
I suppose I should also mention an aspect of the animation that has no root influence, but is a technique that I greatly admire when it's done right. That is, the use of voice-acting but exclusion of any language, so that you know the general mood of characters without the added weight of recognizable phrases that might require interpretation. I've seen this done successfully many times, the most recent being in the movie Wall-E, and the general exclusion of language is something I tend to lean toward in all of my artistic projects.