September 1, 2008

Quarter Gallery Response

After looking through the gallery it appeared that cast metals were very difficult to work with and my favorite pieces were ones that I thought people had mastered the medium through which they were working. The piece I thought was most elegant was "Stacker" by Wayne Potratz. The detail on the turtle was very smooth and beautiful which appeared to be a difficult challange when comparing it to other pieces. The second piece I enjoyed was Joseph Kelly's "Apparition." This piece reminded me of many different things such as dementors in harry potter, the nazgul in the Lord of the Rings, and also of the character in Assassin's Creed. I also liked the piece because it was very simple but demanded attention. The piece i liked the most was Celestine Peuringer's "Grog" which looked very much like a figure being born of the forest or swamp. I think i liked it alot because the figure was abstract, but very much distinguishable.