October 1, 2008

Remembrance and Hope: 3 Minute Egg 2

Music once again! This piece interested me for a very particular reason. Participating in music as a group is a very special experience, very different from playing solo or duet/trio/quartet. The dynamic changes from bouncing one off another to forming a very intelligent goo that adjusts and moves with the atmosphere. In orchestra it's interesting to notice how the energy flows from member to member, section to section. Same in choral music. The topic itself is another detail that interested me in this piece. I remember playing Paul Hindemith's piece about the aftermath of World War II, about the pain and suffering, about the violence. It was an incredible piece, and the words angular and rough struck me as very fitting for it. That emotion that is carried by music of this sort, especially by people who experienced it first hand is incredible. It is at the same time piercing and malleable. I can change it (improvise it) but the idea stays the same no matter what. The third concept worth mentioning is the resemblance of art and the reality of what is taking place in a country or place/location. So much can be interpreted about the people, their well being, their hopes and dreams by the art they create. Art really, might be, the new method of interpreting the state of a nation and even the world.