October 1, 2008

: 3 Minute Egg 3

Ah theatre, a field I know a little about in theory and almost nothing about in reality. I liked the idea of these people working together to create something, a synergy of performers starting a project that will help the growth of the artistic talent between themselves but also the people who are just now getting involved. I thought that was the highlight because having seen very little theatre for me the emphasis on how truthfully can one depict life, even if the circumstance is not ordinary or even mythological. And how the actors own ideas about the world fit into this crafted image. I feel that they should know themselves very well first and gain an experience in life that allows them to relate to the situations occurring in the play.To me the performance lacked that sense of truthfulness. But again I think ideas that are sparked like that often have profound influence on talent, so as I (perhaps) explore the theatrical side of town I would be glad to discover that it is indeed the case, since with diversity comes a better understanding of the true variety of elements that can be used in performance.