October 1, 2008

Air Sweet Air

I found the idea for the exhibition very interesting. I have been thinking about my own childhood and the experiences I gathered over the past year and where they led. I really had a great time as a child, many of my memories are very vivid. The introduction to the exhibition was quite short and so I thought of it in an independent manner. I was surprised to learn that you (Cheryl) have traveled so extensively across the United States. Moving from place to place creates a really strange dynamic in your personal life and I would guess that the experience was both positive and negative. It's hard to be on the move, but having an opportunity to see new places offers insight into the world. The one thing I noticed is that the themes in the exhibit were culturally rooted in the North American tradition and so I could only observe rather than relate. I believe childhood is directly tied to the culture and so the worldview that you are exposed to as a child will be very different around the world. I would be interested in knowing more about your own experience as it would help understand the foundation for the works. The few things I noticed was the bare landscape which put emphasis on the connection and relationship of the characters. I also drew some interpretations from the titles, for example "your interference with my academic freedom." I would love to see a further development on the presentation, it would be really interesting to have short written segments about your childhood alongside the art works to really make it come to life.