October 1, 2008

Discussing Time & Interactivity

So what is interactivity, inter activity, interactive. I think it is the relationship of action between yourself and some form of your environment, regardless of whether it is man made or of natural occurrence. Perhaps our existence is a collection of interactions with the wiggles that are the energy of the universe. And what about time, does it really exist? It is possible that time is simply a boundary that we have created to define our existence. Time units are a very relative way to describe continuous action, consider that time slows down and speeds up throughout the universe. Or maybe time is an essential element of life. Recent findings in quantum mechanics will open up new ideas about how we are connected to time. In any case time can be considered a boundary by some, and yet for others it will be an opportunity.

Quite honestly I like to think of Time and Interactivity as a way to think about the moment. What am I doing? How aware am I of the surrounding? Sound, color, atmosphere? Am I open to experiencing it or reserved because I am thinking about doing some other task? Do I like this moment or should I move onto something else?