October 1, 2008

John Fleischer

I checked out John Fleischer's website to see some of his works (19 examples). I would first like to mention that I love art that is made with colored pencils, I think that medium really draws in the viewer and it's a very simple way to connect. Of course he doesn't exclusively use pencils. I noticed John has several geometric drawings and I really liked those, I think mathematics can be beautiful, maybe not alive but certainly with a sense of brilliancy about them. The human eye (->mind) is drawn to recognizing patterns in the visual information that is taken in. So to see logical shapes is a very comfortable experience. His piece on triangles is of similar nature. The ink pieces have a peculiar sense of balance. The feeling evoked by his other works, such as the skull, the tree trunk, and bird nest are that of solidity, partially because you can almost picture the geometrical foundations of their shapes. Overall I liked his work.

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