September 1, 2008

MFA Student Works

Pretty impressive exhibit! This was my favorite one out of the three that I visited. Student works are always a very interesting spectrum to see because they often represent really well the attitudes and ideas that are free-flowing throughout the student population. I wrote a small description on several works:

Jason Gaspar: What a bizarre work with its swine like creature with gorilla eyes consuming little laughing children. It set a really lighthearted mood for the rest of the gallery and was a relief after the two difficult exhibits in Dawei Xu and the Katherine Nash.

West on Franklin by Tonya Balik: What a purple exuberance! I really enjoyed the different tones, it left an impression of uptown in the summer with all the diverse mixture of culture, that constantly twirls in excitement.

Jasmine Wallace: What a great sculpture with all the colorful definitive shapes, it felt like I was looking at my own brain in the form of this piece of art. Pretty cool.

Travis Freeman: This was one baller sword, very interesting concept and nice execution. Dragon themed designs were a plus considering I was born in the year of the dragon.

Bart Vargas: The vase of computer buttons I wished to press the whole time I was in the room. Actually behind my absurd statement I think it is a very nice piece because in this digital world everything can be described through numbers, sort of like the matrix.

In time we understand by Rebecca Champ: Great fabric exhibit, the pointed pillows were at the same time inviting and also projected a sense of danger at the same time.

Submerge Duple by Toby Sisson: This work was really reminiscent of the universe with it's great dark space accented by colorful splashes . I got lost in it for a while, really genuine combination.

Exhaust on Canvas by Ben Garthus: Time to go green.

Sustaining Symphony by Stacey M Holloway: Bizarre doll with a chemistry set, really weird, I wish it was functional.

and finally...

Robin Scwartzman - Rise of the bubble moggers
This was really cool with its weird shapes and cartoon feel, almost like a new universe with the strange creatures inhabiting it. It reminded a lot of the French cartoon - Time Masters.