October 1, 2008

Rosalux & Pocket Galleries

I enjoyed visiting the Rosalux and Pocket galleries! I the use of space is very unique throughout the building so it was interesting to explore. The galleries were also quite interesting. I looked at Ephemeral Landscape by Nick Howard and Robert Roscoe. The first works by Roscoe (Boxcar with Red, Blue, Black/ Railroad Trestle #2) immediately reminded me of the Glenwood Mill in Golden Valley. The street-art feel and the corroded metal and broken down infrastructure are really apparent in the Twin Cities area due to the industrial history of the state. In the high school I went to the mill was a great place to visit and explore, it offers an incredible view of downtown and the sense of looking into the unknown is always exciting. Roscoe's works bring back those memories. The Glenwood Mill has at least three floors dedicated to graffiti and that theme can be seen in Roscoe's work as well. Nick Howard's works created an interesting atmosphere as well. The grasses are really an unmistakable feature of the Midwest. The figures were often bizarre, at instances picking each others brains, I would say often animal like at times, yet many human characteristics were also observable. I really liked the work with the large structure in field, it created a sense of the balance between nature and society that exists (should be very prominent, unfortunately that is not the case for many metropolises) in major cities as well as smaller towns.