September 1, 2008

The Print Biennial

This exhibit was fantastic. I first browsed the exhibit as a whole and then went back to the works I liked best, which were quite a few. Bruce McCombs - Gulliver's Lincoln was awesome, the detail was incredible and seeing the imagination in scale showcased how versed the artist was with his tools. Ericka Walker - Armored division, this concoction of metal crawling through the frame was highly excellent. Yuji Hizatsuka - Roam, Groovy Umbrellas, this piece used really interesting elements, the color was really specific in its quality, form became really defined and a new perspective unveiled, with some eastern influence. Stephen Fisher - Flying mountain, this piece really reminded me of my childhood, summers spent at the cabin wondering the woods. The quality of light portrayed in the image was completely natural and projected realistic liveliness. Over all this art exhibit featured some of my favorite works and I will be sure to recommend it to some friends.