September 1, 2008

Walker Films

1. Bruce Conner: A Movie (1958, 16mm, 12 minutes)
2. Breakaway (1966, 16mm, 5 minutes)
3. Benita Raphan: Absence Stronger Than Presence (1996, 35mm, 7 minutes)
4. 2+2 (2002, 35mm, 11 minutes)
5. The Critical Path (2003, video, 13 minutes)

First I want to thank you for taking us! I enjoyed each film and it was a great way to finish a very busy and difficult day for me. It is a bit difficult to recall all of the films now since each one was very visually stimulating and the boundary from film to film has disappeared after two days. The film whose style I liked the most was "Breakaway," the dancing and the music had life. Right away I thought of how long a human life really is if you break it down to into these sequences, and seeing this helped me realize a new value to movement and motion throughout a whole day, not just certain moments. Also it was a very complete art form presented, the beautiful woman who was dancing to her own creation (I believe she is also the singer?). Bruce Conner's "A Movie" left the biggest impression as I thought about it after the viewing, it was very interesting to see those little bits of footage all compiled together with an intent, which intent I don't know for sure but I was impressed and in complete agreement with the aspect of violent nature of existence, all the things that human beings have put themselves through and will continue to put themselves through. Finally, the closing film was really mysterious. To be honest I am not sure even now what I took away from viewing it, but it was almost phantasmagorical. It very directly drove me to think about how we interpret the world through certain concepts that we create or discover, such as language, shapes, facial expressions and the like. All very interesting.