September 1, 2008

Final Project Inspiration and Process

Inspiration for my project came from Henri-Georges Clouzot's "The Mystery of Picasso", a movie featuring Picasso painting a number of images, shown in time-lapse. I thought it was very interesting when I saw it a number of years ago, and it's stuck in my mind. I decided to try something similar using Photoshop, and didn't realize until when I started how much work it would take to capture each frame, then process them using Photoshop's batch command. To capture the images, I set up my mother's camera on a tripod behind me, and started drawing, using one of my father's paintings as inspiration. I filled up Photoshop's history, stepped back to the first history entry, and moved up one history step at a time and took a picture of it using the camera. When done I had 2912 photos and some major posture problems (not to mention a lack of sleep), hah. It was overall a very fun project, something I'd like to try again over the break. It certainly helped to have a music playlist of around six hours to counter the tedium of taking those 3000 pictures.