September 1, 2008

Fleischer Response

He presented a very wide variety of images and videos to us. A lot of it did not interest me too much, as I found it to be too erratic, random, namely the series of doodles he did with ink on white paper. Also along that line was the video of him typing "tomorrow" repeatedly. It felt like it dragged on for too long, and it lost some of its impact with me. Perhaps it was meant to drag on, however, to portray a feeling of dread for "tomorrow", as may have been intended with the music - which also seemed to drag on.
The images of the faces interested me greatly, however, as the use of different materials gave it a chaotic feel, though it still felt like it tied together.
Overall, it was interesting but not my "cup of tea." His work felt experimental, and is interesting from a psychological perspective, but at that point I tend to not think of it so much as art as a psychological experiment. But that's just how my brain operates.