September 1, 2008

Louvre it or Leave It gallery response

Museum “Louvre it or Leave It?
Downtown Minneapolis

Artist – unknown
Medium – photograph, photoshop (?)

Picture of three soldiers, prone, in desert. Entire canvas is white, except for the small portion that the soldiers lay on. Looks very bleak. Lost. Lost in a void, hopeless, meaningless. Below is a picture, photo of six soldiers, standing around an American flag-covered casket. Floor, surroundings all pitch black. Connections: first picture of bleakness of a soldier's life, followed by the resulting void of their death (?).

I was unable to actually enter the gallery, which was disappointing. The office closed early, likely because it was the day before Thanksgiving. The pictures have been up for a while, and resonated with me to some degree. The two pictures, of the soldiers laying prone, weapons in hand, in a field of white, and of the soldiers surrounding the casket draped with the American flag, seemingly floating in a black void, give me a feeling of, perhaps, what some soldiers feel – a sense of being lost in the chaos of war, disconnection from the rest of the world and with humanity, and the feeling that a void is left in the wake of a comrade's death. Perhaps this is largely a projection of how I'd feel if I were forced into the life of a soldier. I imagine I'd feel that, philosophically, being forced into a life of war would force me against my principles, leaving me in a personal moral void.

Other related pieces in the gallery include more pictures of soldiers in Iraq, as well as photos of soldiers from World War II.