September 1, 2008

Laura E. Migliorino

This collection of three pieces, "9th Lane", "Silverod Street" and "Windemer Circle", were all in a similar style and size. Each piece was a collection of many photographs that were layered on top of each other. Each piece had a one group of people, there was a family in one, a couple in another, and one had just one person. Each piece also had the people standing next to a house. One would conclude that these houses belonged to the person featured in the photo. All the homes featured in this exhibit were newer generic houses and townhomes that one would find in any outlying suburb. So that brings up the question, where are these people from? What suburb is this? is it supposed to be vague symbolically? Each person has a different situation. That leads me to believe that this piece highlights everyones individual differences and how they can all live together peacefully in the suburbs.