September 1, 2008

Absence from Presence (auto-response)

Anita Wallace

absence starts stops from presence doctor edwin ladd pure science soundtrack script empty chairs photos inventions 535 patents more than anyone except Einstein Cambridge 1942 hands numbers the past is here why is it drab this is a true story internal commentary on narrative motion of photos an eternity you will already have forgotten the meaning the vision why does she leave to want to wait he thought that he understood her he believed it 24 hours he created developing photographs corners cameras blue he knew where to look he could see she could see text they were together apart at the same time self developed film process a slurry blur over 1944 man who made possible happen dr lane took picture of his daughter right after he took picture she wanted to see she asked to see the picture and he wondered she wondered how long it will take to see it and he asked himself why did it need to take so long unbelievable story no possibility this is a true story German Dutch subtext language speaking aloud