September 1, 2008

Bruce Connor: A Movie (100 words or more)

Anita Wallace

appropriated clips countdown 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 cowboys and Indians movement constant motion black and white female nude removes silk stockings empty space void alienation alphabetical biopsies caress diplomatic enigmas furthering gastronomic hysteria illuminating juxtaposed kaleidoscopic legitimacy metaphorical nutrition opposed promptly text inserted into movie summary automated words questioning restorative supplementation sky clouds waves water pacing playful timing achromatic non-chronologic military sexual juxtaposition clouds les nuages waves water crashing tumultuous splashing water board surfers biking in mud stuck and falling accident prone talking heads bombs dropping incessantly coronation of pope mitre fire landslide dropping from sky parachutes deer loiter snake charmers play flutes wobbly bridge blows in wind camera movement angle helium balloons sinking ships bodies mushroom cloud dead elephant villagers commune shivering figures manatee swimming scuba diver under sea bottom feeders texture corrosion decay plane on ocean floor swimming through windows and doors seaweed flows through light and shadow