September 1, 2008

Collide-a-scope Dawei Xu response

Dawei Xu: Kaleidoscope

Response from Anita Wallace

I’m impressed with all three video works by the artist Dawei Xu in the lobby of the Regis Art Center. My favorite work is Kaleidoscope. Perhaps because I viewed the works the several times after viewing the Voice to Vision project exhibition, it was difficult to take in so much diffuse imagery and so many painful experiences simultaneously. I felt on visual and emotional overload, so I had to come back and view the videos on their own, in their own spatio-temporality outside of the context of the Voice to Vision experience.

After viewing each piece several time, I decided that my favorite piece is the one titled “Kaleidoscope.? I was impressed with the technical aspects of the production as well as the contrast of the ancient old world imagery and ideas and architecture with modernity. The use of color particularly red, black, and turquoise moved me deeply, as did the philosophical exploration of intimacy versus alienation. I liked when the merging of the imagery created the effects of abstract expressionist paintings. The mirroring of disparate images and ideas was effective and evocative.

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