September 1, 2008

Sixth Minnesota Print Biennial 2008

Sixth Minnesota National Print Biennial
Katherine Nash Gallery
University of Minnesota
October 7-November 6, 2008

This outstanding exhibition explores the relevance of printmaking in contemporary contexts. Powerfully strong—it draws from a wide range of printmaking examples—from the very traditions of the medium to examples that use modern materials and fall outside of the box and push their way to the furthest margins. The show was juried by Stephen Goddard, a senior curator, from the Spencer Museum of Art; Betsy Carpenter, Associate Curator, from the Walker Art Center, and Ayanah Moor, Associate Professor, from the Carnegie Mellon University. I liked the show so much that I purchased the $5 catalog of works. Some of these I scanned and will post on the blog with my article.

My favorite examples from the show (look out, there are lots of them):

1. Waxed and Dastardly
Lindsay Clark Ryan
Dry point (2008)

Nine frames laid out 3 x 3 explore the various possibilities of the moustache.

2. Association for Creative Zoology: Taurus Crockehensis
Beauvais Lyons
Lithograph (2007)

Unbelievable detail in this mystical zoological illustration captured with perfection in the medium of lithography.

3. The Golem: Chapter VII
Matt Rebholz
Intaglio and chine collé

A delightful petite print of the innards of a bathroom, executed delightfully in the minutest detail.

4. Evening at Claudio’s
Michelle Martin
Reduction linocut (2006)

This print is colorful, fun, and well-executed—a larger format print of masked figures playing poker and having an evening of liquid libation.

5. After, Slight, Split
Ellen J. Prine
Paper plate lithograph
Warm earth tones with rose hue extremely well executive in this fragmented portrait.
6. Dig through
David Donavon
Mixed media (2008)

I really love this assemblage of cardboard boxes with printed systematic categorical numbers and dates. A sort of maze a person can walk through. I feel at home here, pack rat that I am.

7. Meneplex: FR+2M
Andrew An
2 color etching and silkscreen (2006

8. Holiday Sanctuary and Distant Stations
Todd Anderson
Intaglio/mixed media (2008)

I love the delicate minimalist color and design of these two pieces that were purchased by the Tweed Museum of Art. Inspired by nature and the wilderness their simplicity is most elegant.

9. Building with Notch and Monolith/Black #3
Robin Sherin

I like the simple abstraction of these black and white minimalist architectural pieces.