September 1, 2008

Quarter Gallery - Metalcasting exhibition

Quarter Gallery: Interconnections in Art through Metalcasting
A Collaboration between the Interact Center and the U of M Foundry

There were a lot of pieces in this show that did not much interest me. I am sure that they were probably great pieces that were well executed and interesting, but for some reason I was not drawn to them. I did not so much like the painted or brightly colored wall pieces. Many of the pieces seemed blob-like to me. There were four pieces in the exhibit that were in no way blob like and stood out to me as being superbly well crafted sculptures.

They are the following:

1. Stacker: for Theodore Geisel
Wayne Potratz

I really loved this piece that consists of a stack of finely crafted turtles of varying sizes made of cast iron and cast bronze. I think that there were about 28-30 of them. The color palette and patina was primarily turquoise and terra cotta (iron oxide). They are very beautiful and unbelievably well-made down to the minutest detail.

2. Untitled
Joe Gilbertson
Assemblages (2008)

I really liked the quality of the craft in the execution of these two abstract assemblages made of reclaimed parts of cast bronze and cast iron.

3. Pods
Andrew Gastinea
Cast bronze (2006)

I really loved these catalpa pods—five of them, I think—four hanging suspended over the pedestal, one lying prone on the pedestal. Natural forms, particularly seeds and pods, are so curious and fun to look at. I am a collector of things on nature walks and so these really appeal to me in that evocative way of recalling nature walks while being inside a gallery. They were delicate and detailed and very well-crafted.

4. Human Inquiry #1
Derek Hill
Cast bronze (2008)

This was a beautiful sculptural piece. An open sphere that was comprised of many overlapping figures, it was well-crafted and a delight to behold.