September 1, 2008

Quarter Gallery Review - October 2008

Quarter Gallery: Color Woodcut by Student Artist (name unknown)

Although I viewed the printmaking show in the Quarter Gallery that was an extension of the Sixth Print Biennial Exhibition in Katherine Nash, I did not take notes the first time through, thinking that the show would be up longer, and I would be able to return to view it a second time around. So, I do not recall the name of the artist or the exact name of the piece that I planned to write about. It was a large format color woodcut and I think the artist had a Scandinavian or Minnesotan type name. The print was beautifully executed and the registration and all aspects of the print were of the utmost highest quality (in my opinion). I think that the title was something like “Where I Wish I Was Now? or something to that effect. The frame of the print constitutes a window looking across a table and interior space of a "still life" to an exterior space, a natural scene of woods. One has the sense of light and shadow, reflection and repose, the serenity of nature and solitude. One looks through a window of a cabin and becomes lost in the daydream of space and time. I was impressed by the highly crafted execution of this print and the attention to every last detail without being overly decorative. Although quite ordinary in composition it was extraordinary in the quality of the execution of the composition and the high quality understanding of the medium of color woodcut.