September 1, 2008

Fresh Works Response

I really like the "It All Just Got To Be Too Much" by TJ Barnes, the first thing that came to mind when I saw this was Rapunzel. As strange as it is and as much as it contrasts what comes to you as you let it sink it I thought of her letting her hair down for her Prince to climb up to her. This work displays quite the opposite of bringing anyone to you or inviting them in, this symbolizes a need for escape. It looks something like a hormone raging teenager had torn the sheets of their bed, tied them together and tossed one end out the window just to get away from it all and run away. Its actually sad to think about when comparing that to Rapunzel. When I think about the title its haunting and almost cryptic. The title alone gives me the chills because it almost makes me think it leads to suicide, just giving up and throwing it all away just to really escape the pressure.