October 4, 2008

Response to The Print Biennial

I really felt that I was much more able to dive into the Print Biennial Exhibition at the Nash Gallery than the last exhibition there. Immediately when I walked in many of them were very intriguing but it was this black and white drawing of two different sized worlds meshing. The piece was titled "Gulliver's Lincoln" by Bruce McComb. It was exquisitely detailed, over one hundred smaller men working on their selected part of this giant car. Every detail had a complete feeling to it. My favorite humorous detail was definitely the emblems on the hood and grill of the car. On the hood there is a helicopter lowering a statue like head where a jaguar would go on a Jag, and the other was a V32 where the V8 symbol is engraved into the grill. It was just a really fun piece of work because it took a children's story character and twisted it into a beautiful concept to wrap your head around.