September 1, 2008

Dawei Xu: The Kaleidoscope

I thought Dawei Xu’s “The Kaleidoscope? was a very successful short film because of its equal balance of simplicity and complexity. I really enjoyed the film because he used the mirror image technique to create new figure ground relationships and perceptions of reality.

I enjoyed many of the scenes in “The Kaleidoscope.? In the beginning it starts out slow with the arrow lights becoming mirrored and a set of numbers counting. This showed the presence of time. Throughout the film the music is successfully sequenced with the transitional stages of the film. A part of the film used the mirror image of trees on a white background. The image of the trees rising higher and lower created the impression of movement into the TV. The angle he used to mirror on the streets created a road of buildings and different sized shapes moved across this road. I really liked the scene of the man hugging his child. The pace of the music picks up and the girl begins to slowly move away as he lets go. She then disappears as the father reaches. The scene of the oriental man repeatedly turning around looking at the viewer was interesting. The artist uses a different filter with each repeated turn. I interpreted this as how one can look at the same thing but another could see it completely different. Overall I found “The Kaleidoscope? a very inspiring piece about time, perspective and the distortion of reality.