September 1, 2008

Fresh Works: Emission Control

I decided to write a review about the art piece titled "Emission Control" by Ben Garthus. The piece has 49 individual 4inx4in sized canvas squares. Each is spaced evenly 4 inches apart, with seven vertical rows and seven horizontal columns. This makes the grand scale of the piece 4.4ft x 4.4ft. Each canvas square has been placed in front of a car exhaust and then with the start of the engine, the exhaust is blown on to the canvas. There is a large variety of value from the exhaust on each square and also the shape it forms. The variety of the exhaust on canvas and the similarity of the dimensions of each canvas created a unified piece.

This piece opened my eyes to the use of exhaust as a medium and how that medium can be interpreted. I interpreted each canvas as an individual person and how each canvas/person emits exhaust into the world through are human made polluting machines. Overall I got the impression the artist was portraying the idea of pollution through exhaust and how we try to control it but our emissions still leave a mark.