October 1, 2008

MAEP Gallery

Journey to the Surface of the Earth is an exhibition in the MAEP Gallery at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. There were two artists exhibiting their work in two separate rooms. I first looked at the works by Margarett Pezalla-Granlund. Her works were developed using paper. I really liked how she created a 3d object from a 2d piece. My favorite piece is titled ‚ÄúCone of Obsolescence‚Ä? on table number 5. It is a grayscale image of a jungle and the image is cut out to create a 3d cone on top of it. Where the image is cut out there is another image underneath of an airplane view of mountains. The cone combines with the 2d surface and the way it is pointing makes it seem the cone is flying across the sky. The second artist focused his works on everyday objects including tape, plastic bags, a wooden ladder and a paper plate. I really enjoyed his exhibition because the viewer can really relate with the objects because we use them everyday. Two of his pieces focused on the idea of an upward direction. The ladder and the notepaper both led the viewer up to the ceiling. Also there was interaction with the ground by creating a bundle of plastic bags to look like a harvest of some sort. I thought it was interesting how the artist had the viewer move from ground to ceiling. Overall I really enjoyed this exhibition and was inspired mostly by Max Schollett. I think taking everyday objects and having them function in an artistic way is very satisfying to interact with.