October 1, 2008

The Coffee Oligarchy

The "Coffee Oligarchy" by Cole Hoyer Winfield is an 8 page woodblock print portraying the idea of the process of coffee and where it comes from. Each page has three small square prints on each. The artist made a pattern of these images. Every two pages he would interchange the positioning of each of the three small images. Below is a short visual description of each image:

Flowers with beans, three people picking in the horizon and a woman churning

Crushed beans in hand, businessman on train, and the train arrives

A mill, a clock, and the city within a plain

Government signing bill

Lots of working and piles of beans

Government talking and tough times

Destruction of framing beans, packing things up

Image of a man alone, people happy and the last image of a coffee cup steaming on a table.

I really enjoyed this piece the most out of the gallery because it tells a story and has a narrative that you can interact with. I thought the images and style used portrayed the process, struggle, work, business and affects of the coffee bean industry.