September 1, 2008

Chuck Beasley

I’ve always loved jazz as young boy and that’s why I picked up an instrument when I was in 5th grade. I was originally going to start out with the saxophone but due to my incredibly small height and weak muscles back then I wasn’t able to carry a saxophone or even surpass one in height. I choose the flute hoping one day that I’d be in jazz band but I later realized in high school that flutes weren’t commonplace in jazz. Flutes are amazing and all but they don’t show up very often in jazz. Anyway, I still love jazz and to see Chuck Beasley still playing in a jazz band since the age of 15 (now 84) is truly inspirational. I just hope that I could stick with something as long as Chuck Beasley did with jazz. In the meantime, I can just listen to my brother toot his saxophone in his jazz band. It’s not me playing in a jazz band but it’s close enough.