September 1, 2008

Response to "The Balance #1" by Dawei Xu

The tone of this film was dark and sad. The film starts out with a wider view of the landscape, trees, and birds. Moments later, the video utilizes negative space and focuses on the birds but in a narrower view. On the opposite side is a cutout video of the sky, trees, or fences. In the background was music, which added to the overall tone to the film.

Dawei Xu shows symbolism through the use of birds and fences. A bird soaring in the air symbolizes freedom whereas a fence with barbed wire symbolizes entrapment and confinement. The barren trees also shows symbolism in that it represents bleakness, despair, and desolation. Xu also uses imagery in his film. One image that’s vivid in my mind was the image of the caged bird. In a way, I kind of sympathized with that bird. To be denied something such as a right (in this case, the ability to fly when you’re a bird) would be horrible.