September 1, 2008

Voice to Vision Exhibition Response

The pieces that were shown through the Voice to Vision Exhibition were collaborations made by several survivors of the Holocaust and various artists. Each piece was beautiful though it was hard for me to understand what it was trying to say without context. All in all, it was an emotional experience for me due to how grave The Holocaust was during World War II. To be able to view the works of Holocaust survivors was truly overwhelming.

Out of all the pieces shown, one stuck out in my mind. That piece was titled “Six Playing Train and Then There Was One.� Four artists made it with the help of Joe Grosnacht, a survivor. What stood out to me were the six chairs in which Joe and his brothers used to play train. The first seat was occupied by Joe but the others were left vacant to represent the loss of his five brothers. Although the chairs were tucked away in the upper left hand corner of the frame, it still stuck out to me. To lose siblings—let alone five of them—like that evoked the feeling of empathy because I have siblings as well.