September 1, 2008

Kinetic Kitchen Response

The 3-Minute Egg I watched was about the Kinetic Kitchen, and occasional dance series hosted at Patrick's Cabaret in which choreagraphers from all skill levels and walks of life can participate. Some of the dance clips that were shown in the video were very interesting or new to me. I was particularly intrigued by this particular 3-minute egg because of some of my past experiences with Patrick's Cabaret.
Five years ago I was lucky enough to participate in a 10-week series of paid Saturday workshops there that were focused on puppetry and storytelling. By paid workshops, I mean to say I was paid ten dollars for every workshop I attended. The workshops themselves were a lot of fun, and the money was just icing on the cake. After those ended I took another two-week series of summer workshops at powderhorn park in which our group created a splendid puppetry performance, which we actually ended up putting on in Patrick's Cabaret.

So it was a rather odd coincidence that the first video I clicked was set there. I got quite a bit of deja vu from looking at the shots of the space.