October 1, 2008

Air Sweet Air Response

I really like the surrealism of the bear heads and Martian landscapes coupled with the children's bodies and childlike atmosphere. My favorite would have to be the piece "red that isn't Right" because of its message about gender roles, which is an issue which is close to my heart. Artistically, I like the odd combination of grayscale and color images, like the red dress and socks of the bear-child against its grayscale skin and shirt. It really looks like the two little girls are watching the bear-child-in-red like it's some sort of clown, maybe a freakish sideshow marvel. The way they're presented, it looks like they're judging it. The bear-child in red looks really awkward and unsure, as if it's alone and just wants to fit in, but in front of the eyes of the two little girls it's torn between making light of the situation and putting on a little show, like everything's just a joke, or bursting into tears, or running away.