September 1, 2008

Response to Guest Artist John Fleischer

The work of the guest artist was very interesting. I liked the ideas that he had, about playing around with thought process and breaking away from normal mental processes to view things in a different way, or to try something completely random and different. What I especially remembered was the odd task that went something like "stand straight with your arm extended in front of you holding a pencil. draw a continuous line on the wall extending around the entire room. live for six months under this line." I really loved the pieces of his that explored the concept of the individual, that were all similar, but all interesting in a rough, odd way. His first movie piece had good emotion to it, and it seemed he knew just how long to let an image last; long enough to give it impact, but not so long it would become boring and cause the audience to lose interest. I loved the way he put the different images together as well. his pieces definitely gave me something to think about.